Finding our trusty pack horses

So in 2011 we started to prepare, well Kristian did. Researching, making lists and scouring ebay. A Suzuki DRZ 400 was the chosen bike. They were light, easy to get parts and affordable, but most importantly Anna needed to touch the ground and Kristian wanted a yellow bike.


We found Kristians yellow DRZ  from a friendly guy called Mark near Warrington who had to rescue us and our Suzuki Bandit having broken down on the M6 in pouring rain on our way to view his Suzuki DRZ 400E. Having taken it for a spin and checked it over we decided it seemed to do the job and would take us south to London leaving our slightly ill Bandit in Marks trusty hands!…who was later to deliver it to our door on the back of his trailer – thanks Mark!

We did a test run up to Norfolk on it to Kristian’s sisters wedding. It survived but Anna can safely say it isn’t very comfortable riding pillion long distance!

Next up was Anna’s blue DRZ, we got it from a caring bike owner, Simon who had looked after the bike impeccably and I think was quite sad to see his pride and joy depart! Now Kristian has the small job of fixing both bikes in preparation for 15000km of bumpy, muddy, gravely African roads.



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