Preparing the bikes

Kristian spent a good number of hours in the shed pulling the bikes apart and putting them back together again!



This is what we did to our bikes:

  1. Pannier racks
  2. Tool box
  3. Lowered seats
  4. Wide foot pegs
  5. Case protectors
  6. Long range tanks
  7. Radiator braces
  8. Extra cooling fan
  9. Renthal handlebars with risers
  10. Bash plates
  11. Front mud guard supports
  12. K&N air filter
  13. Lowered rear suspension (Anna’s bike)
  14. Battery upgrade
  15. New chain and sprockets
  16. Auxiliary fuel filters
  17. Hand guards
  18. Frame protectors
  19. Higher gearing (15 front/47 rear)
  20. Metal number plates

And Anna made sheepkin seats and plotted the route!


The guys at Avsco did a great job helping us fix up and prep the last items on the bikes ready for the 15000km bumpy ride from Cape Town to Alexandria, Egypt and onwards to London.




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