Our trip and route

Unfortunately the Arab Spring kicked off in early 2011 which slightly affected our plans to ride North to South (UK to S. Africa).

Instead we had to look at the route from South to North – Cape Town, South Africa to Alexandria, Egypt and hope we could somehow ship the bikes out from Egypt to Italy and ride them back. There was no way through Syria, Libya – and even Egypt was looking dodgy at times.

So this is the route we have settled for:

South Africa > Namibia > Zambia > Malawi > Tanzania > (possibly Rwanda, Uganda depending on the rains and time available) >Kenya > Ethiopia > Sudan > Egypt >Europe TBC

The bikes will be shipped on 14th February and arrive in Cape Town on 5th March. We hope to be ready to depart on the bikes 10th March once the bikes have cleared customs. This is the itinerary:

Cape Town – Windhoek: Kristian, Anna, Peter

Windhoek – Lusaka: Kristian, Peter

Lusaka – Nairobi: Kristian, Anna

Nairobi – Addis Ababa: Kristian, Shaun

Addis Ababa – Khartoum: Kristian, Anna

Khartoum – Alexandria: Kristian, Peter

Arrival back to UK is anticipated 10th June if all goes to plan!


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