The riders

 Chief rider, Kristian Steele, has 12 years motorbiking under his belt. Well practised in dodging traffic in central London, Himalyan mountain roads,  and Italian cities. And has spent the last 3 years enticing Anna into motorbiking.

Anna has had her licence for 3 years and has probably done a total of 20 days motorbike riding on her Bandit and DRZ400. 7 of those were done in Cambodia on a Honda XR.

Whilst the big plan was for Kristian and Anna to do the ride together, certain influences meant Anna couldn’t take 3 months leave. So Kristian was a rider down for certain sections. We needed to call on some trusty additional riders.

First volunteer was Peter Steele (left), nimble rider with many years motor biking experience including rides in Cambodia, Indian Himalyas and Africa from his days working out there.

Next up is Shaun Kelly (right), kiwi and avid rider. He started riding at 15, 26 years ago, has ridden since then riding a wide variety of bikes in NZ, UK Indonesia, Thailand, Greece, India and currently commutes on his Vespa down the A40… This will be his first long range trip!

We also have our back up service team, Skip who is a DRZ specialist and will source and send any spare parts we might need while on the road.


3 responses to “The riders

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  • macky

    Hope you remember me, german BMW Fish River
    Long time ago but 100000 things have been happend
    hope to hear from you


    • crossafrica

      Hi Macky!
      Yes course we remember you! How was your trip? We finished in June and made it through to Cairo, got our bikes back recently and cleaning them up. Shame we didn’t get to cross paths with you again along the route. Will have a look at your blog to see what you’ve been up to. We have some photos of you. We will send them to you via Dropbox, do you have an account?
      Stay in touch.
      Anna & Kristian (& Peter)

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